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Welcome to Orange Unified School District 

Child DEVELOPMENT Services Department

online Registration System 

Orange Unified School District, Child Development Services is moving to a convenient, mobile-friendly, online tool 

to register and manage your childcare account from any device, including your smartphone or tablet. 

To begin you will need to create an account.


  1. Choose from one of the following programs below
  2. Click on Enroll Now
  3. Sign In or Create New Account
  4. Once your account has been created you are ready to enroll in services offered. 

Child Development Center                                     

Preschool program serving ages 3-5

CARES Expanded Learning Programs  

Offers Fee Based Child Care for After-School and Seasonal Camps       

Early Childhood Education- Parent Pay

Child Development Services Office

For questions regarding our programs please feel free to contact us.

Child Development Center


CARES Office